Four Steps to Achieve Recognition for Female artists

While there are more female students graduating from art courses (HE Statistics Agency discovered that there were twice as many females as males) their works represent only 40% of exhibitions of English galleries.

But this is positive change when compared with the situation in 1991, when 83% of exhibitions were dedicated to art produced by men.

The challenges that women face are common. Artists usually start achieving recognition in their thirties, but at the same time it is the age when women create families and take care of their children. That is why it is also the time when many women are forced to drop out.

More exhibition space

Susan Jones, author of the text and these four steps, argues that galleries should exhibit overlooked artists. For instance, Frances Morris, the new director of Tate Modern, will provide more space for art by women.

Discovering lesser-known talents

Elisabeth Murdoch founded a new award specifically for female artists whose talents have not been recognized yet. The Freelands Foundation will help mid-career artists to create new works in collaboration with regional art organizations.


Often artists are excluded from the system of residences because of personal circumstances. Family and money become the reason to reject the possibility to practice through residences. So launching family-friendly residences will help a lot.


A significant example of helping peers is ‘Mothers Who Make’. This initiative acts as a support group for artists who become mothers to share their experience and practices.

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