We will talk about a form of mutual support known as crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing permits a whole outsource team of volunteers interested in acquiring experience, spending free time on a good purpose, developing portfolios, and creating a portion of reality and culture to contribute to a variety of projects. This is how an online crowd of enthusiasts successfully generates ideas, models urban space, completes screenplays, sifts through thousands of document pages looking for important facts, and even creates full-length films frame by frame. Such an approach radically changes entire fields and brings down the usual business models, thereby promoting radical changes in the society, culture and economy. The present and future of crowdsourcing were discussed at CSW Global 2015 in Singapore. These were the conclusions reached by experts:

  1. Crowdsourcing has a strong influence on business as it has a huge concentrated value. If you are looking for new brilliant ideas, Google or any other platform won’t help you as those ideas are born in intelligent people’s minds. The companies need to learn to trust their clients. When people solve problems all together, this becomes a valuable experience for all stakeholders and leads to great results.
  2. The startuppers from the Silicon Valley were the first to use collective economy. Today this movement has spread to all densely populated countries of the world where huge opportunities open up for the said collective economy. The practice shows that crowdsourcing will soon become an irreplaceable tool even in the fields that are now far from becoming digitalized. Today crowdsourcing has manifested itself as one of the most efficient methods to form innovational cooperation models among culture & arts organizations and their audience.
  3. The revolution of online payments is coming. In spite of all achievements of collective economy, online payments with their high taxes and transaction expenses are still in the Stone Age. The new economy needs new payment infrastructure, which will be convenient, fast and cheap. In the near future we will see the global online community mobilizing its forces to create such revolutionary platforms.
  4. Companies can learn a lot from the online community. There are hundreds of websites where companies can increase their productivity or obtain fresh ideas for branding. All of this became possible thanks to the initiative of people ready to share their ideas and experience. Will companies be able to use such potential?
  5. Crowdsourcing requires the creation of learning culture. To move to the new open and collective economy, the experienced crowdsourcing participants will need to spend a lot of time and effort to explain to novices how it works, the advantages and disadvantages, and which opportunities it can open up. This training is a bilateral process; that is why the willingness and readiness of both parties are important for success.
  6. Today is the ideal time to become a journalist. Professional journalism is now at the junction of social media, crowdsourcing and timely information. Any person uploading several photos and adding a couple of lines to them can influence opinions of millions of people.
  7. Profit stopped being the only drive of competition in the conditions of collective economy. The wish to become the first in a new field and to change the world for the better is the one motivating people to solve water crises, energy or healthcare issues.
  8. Sixty percent of the Earth’s population is still waiting for an opportunity to gain access to the Internet. Just imagine that these 4.2 billion people will have the chance and willingness to build the best open platforms. What we see now is just the tip of the iceberg. All of the best crowdsourcing opportunities are still ahead of us.
  9. Reputation becomes an efficient mechanism of public control. In the conditions of collective economy, trust and reputation go hand-in-hand. People value their reputation online; that is why public control became the basis for interaction on the Net.
  10. A new billion-dollar opportunity is women. Nowadays women have less access to financing, resources and networks but show great successes in online entrepreneurship. Just imagine how these results will grow when crowdfunding enables women to obtain the necessary funding. 
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