How to Effectively Build a Marketing Strategy by Taking a Free Online Course

The EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme has launched two more free online courses for all those interested in starting a business in creative industry, in addition to the first five online courses that we described in an article posted earlier. We refer to the Finance for Cultural Organisations Course and Marketing Course.

The two courses are designed to give entrepreneurs the knowledge needed to maintain the business from financial point of view, but also to promote it so as to attract the largest possible number of supporters.

We described earlier how to effectively manage the budget by completing the Finance for Cultural Organisations Course. In this article we explain in details what the Marketing Courseis about.

By completing David Parrish’s intensive course you will learn how to carry out market research, work with clients and build a marketing strategy. David Parish, a specialist on cultural and creative industries, has developed own original innovative methods for integrating cultural and business practices. You will be able to complete the five lectures of this course in 20 minutes. Upon completion of a short test, you will receive a certificate from the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme.

Lesson 1. What is marketing?

The course begins with an overall explanation of the “marketing” concept. You will learn that marketing is something much broader than promotion, advertising and selling. In addition, you will learn here about the pillars underlying marketing and components to be considered by each entrepreneur.

Lesson 2. Marketing strategy

Each enterprise should understand its mission, position in the marketplace in relation to competitors, and its carefully selected customers. By taking it as a starting point, you will be able to build a marketing strategy.

Lesson 3. Listening to customers

The customers are the ones for whom your business exists, in this context, this course provides an entire lesson on this topic. At this stage you will understand why you should listen to customers and how you can do it.

Lesson 4. Customer benefits

At this lesson you will learn how to analyse market from the customer's point of view. David will advise you how to look at your business from outside, not from inside, to identify customer benefits.

Lesson 5. The 3Ms of Marketing

This course will lead you even deeper in the marketing theory, in order to understand the role marketing plays in the development of your company. David will speak about market, message and medium.

Upon completing those five lessons you will receive a fact sheet containing 20 key facts about marketing that you can use as a benchmark in your activity. Moreover, upon completion of lessons you can analyse a checklist to ensure efficient marketing strategy, so that subsequently you will form a practical view of aspects analysed in a study case provided on the basis of the 3Ms of marketing. Upon completion, you will have to pass the test. If you give 9 out of 11 correct answers, you will receive a certificate. You can always return to the course materials and try to pass the test again.

Here you can learn about the steps for completing a course and receiving a certificate. In a previous article you can find the entire list of courses provided by the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme.

The article was drawn up in cooperation with the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme 2015-2018


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