Seven super-modern buildings that have become symbols of change in the country

Contemporary architecture in Georgia is evidence of a dynamic transformation in the country. New glass and steel buildings and structures arise beside old buildings as symbols of government transparency. The national government continuously adopts practices of Western European architectural bureaus with the purpose of constructing a new Georgia and opening it to the world. Let’s have a look at the country’s seven architectural miracles that have been brought to life:

1. Sarpi Border Checkpoint by J. Mayer H., Sarpi

The shape of the frontier checkpoint building in the village of Sarpi is based on its geographic position at the border with Turkey and imitates the outline of surrounding mountains. The structure has turned out to be very bold and quite eccentric, with its balconies giving way to a marvellous view of the sea.

2. Prosecutor’s Office in Tbilisi by Architects of Invention, Tbilisi

The Prosecutor’s Office building in Tbilisi successfully combines two seemingly incompatible characteristics. On one hand, it is transparent and accessible to anyone’s eyes, yet on the other hand, the structure has a safe and seemingly impenetrable exterior.

3. Rest Stops by J. Mayer H., Gori

Georgia is proud of its ultramodern motor transport stations located along the new highway which connects Azerbaijan and Turkey. The stations catch one’s eye with their unusual forms and amaze tourists.

4. Office Building in Lazika by Architects of Invention, Lazika Municipality

The extraordinary office building in Lazika performs a triple function of municipal administration, public service, and a wedding hall. The façade of this ultramodern building comprises trendy, up-to-date technologies such as all-glass covering and aluminium composite panels.

5. Fuel Station + McDonald’s by Khmaladze Architects, Batumi

This architectural masterpiece represents a beautiful geometric shape, in the glass façade of which a small pond and nearby buildings are reflected. Its functional zones are isolated from each other: the fuel station is located under a shed and hidden from view of the restaurant visitors. On the shed roof a green zone was designed and serves as the McDonald’s outdoor patio.

6. Mestia Police Station by J. Mayer H., Mestia

By the Ministry of Internal Affairs request, in the small settlement of Mestia, a building called the House of Justice was constructed. It includes an unusual police station and an administrative centre. The building has two floors with its walls forming four irregular-shaped hexagons. Its two entrances are situated in the corners, and the windows stretch out along several floors like melting snow.

7. Airport Building by J. Mayer H., Mestia

This unique building was constructed in just 3 months and consists of two parts rising towards the sky. It seems the building is hovering above the ground, although it is made of glass and concrete. Smooth and elegant lines allow the airport to look stylish and modern against the background of beautiful mountains.

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