CV as a Promo Campaign

Anastasiya Nurzhynska, Communication Specialist at EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme, try to view one’s personal image as an information campaign.

Communication professionals know how to best promote their customers’ products and services. What can you borrow from them to promote your professional portfolio? Let us try to view one’s personal image as an information campaign.

1. Situation analysis

Start with your dream job. Put the requirements for this job in one column and indicate in the other how you satisfy each of these requirements. This will help you find out which areas you need to develop. You can draw inspiration from the strategies used by your colleagues, particularly those abroad, what blogs they run, and the wording of their CVs.

The widely-known LinkedIn can become an effective tool for you. Look at the profiles of top experts in your field from around the world, take note of the keywords and skills indicated there and make your CV several times more effective.

2. Positioning

Identify 3 strengths you will base your positioning on. These can be used as the first paragraph of your CV or cover letter. Focus on your strengths and try to convey them the best you can to the employer.

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