Outside the White Box: Why Should We Connect Art and Business?

Pia Areblad is carrying out artistic interventions in organisations. In the video for CultureFighter, she states the importance of connecting creative and traditional industries. She believes such collaboration produces new ways for development.

Pia Areblad says that artists should go outside the white or black boxes of their galleries and start engaging in societal challenges. Collaborating with the city and business provides more spaces for artistic ideas. For instance, we can see the results of gentrification, when artists start to live in unpopular places, and something always happens after that, the place becomes a comfort zone.

Connecting with artists produces benefits for companies. In the modern world, the success of industry is measured not only by how fast your car is but also by thinking outside the box and using creativity in your organisation. Pia Areblad concludes that her aim is not to transform businessmen into artists and artists into businessmen, but to reduce the gap between these people.

More information http://www.culturefighter.eu/concept-of-creative-industries/explained/spillover-effects-of-creative-industries

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