A policy brief for Culture & Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.

Promoting the country’s culture abroad is an integral part of the policies of most European countries. Today, the state policy of Ukraine in this area requires an increase in effectiveness, which individual examples of successful cooperation between the State and civil society have proven to be possible.

The current state bodies responsible for the promotion of modern Ukrainian culture abroad are:

- The Office for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture;

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Cultural Diplomacy);

- State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting;

The main problems in the implementation of an effective policy promoting culture abroad are:

- Obsolete/limited/lacking financial instruments in the public sector, which leads to inflexible planning and untimely financing of cultural projects;

- Lack of administrative skills and modern management skills of individual officials.

Solution: Creation of the Ukrainian Institute, a non-governmental organisation working as a partner with the State and financed, partially and not exclusively, from the public budget.

The main goal of the establishment of the Institute is the launch of new mechanisms for the effective promotion of Ukrainian culture abroad, and the solving of a number of internal problems between the state and non-state sectors that are hampering the development of cultural diplomacy.

Policy Brief (EN)

Policy Brief (UA)

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