Entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Georgia are invited to collaborate with the Innovation against Poverty programme

The Swedish agency for global development Sida announced a call for innovative proposals that would help to develop and implement the next phase of the Innovation Against Poverty (IAP) programme in close collaboration with Sida.

The IAP programme was launched as a mechanism for cushioning risks and as a catalyst for new business models. It provides financial support with grants to social enterprises that are developing new products, services and business models that have the potential to improve life conditions in developing countries:

  • Small grants up to 20,000 euros, which can be used in the critically early stage of development of a project to cover expenses of product R&D, market research and establishing contacts with local organisations;
  • Large grants up to 200,000 euros, to be used for the development of the project: production, providing services, developing systems and business models or prototypes to be tested on the market.

Grants are meant to cover 50 per cent of the costs of a project. Those who receive the grants are expected to make a contribution in the amount of the grant.

Application deadline for 2016 is 2 November 2015. 

For all programme information, visit Sidas Innovation Against Poverty website: 

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