Three EU projects that support small and medium-sized business in EaP countries

For building a successful business it is not enough to have a good idea, you will need skills and knowledge to develop it as well as find the finance to start. Here we gathered three initiatives that can help you with these challenges. They are oriented on small and medium-sized enterprises in EaP countries.


One of the aims of the programme is to enhance the business environment and help entrepreneurs to cope with challenges that they face starting a small or medium-sized business. On the website, there are identified such problems as limited access to finance, lack of skills among entrepreneurs to develop their start-ups, the regulatory burden, corruption, political instability and much more. That is why the specialists from EU4Business

work in collaboration with economic organisations and banks to develop effective policies for small enterprises and implement the Small Business Act for Europe in partner countries. Moreover, they initiated programmes that help individual companies and associations to learn best practices, prepare business plans and get the knowledge to improve their competitiveness in the EU market and beyond. If you would like to know how to take part in the programme and learn in which way EU4Business helps companies to access finance, visit the website which is available in all languages of EaP countries.

Women in Business

The project is initiated by The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. They believe that women entrepreneurs can drive the economic growth, that is why they support women-led small and medium-sized business by advice and access to finance. Their programmes run in Western Balkans, Croatia, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Caucasus. Women who take part in the initiative get the opportunity to visit business seminars and skill courses, learn best practices, networking and meet experienced coaches and mentors.

European Fund for Southeast Europe

This fund helps micro and small business to grow and create employment. The form of the organisation is a public-private partnership and this structure helps to mobilise funding from private institutions. You can learn about successful results of their approach on the website exploring the cases from different countries. There is also mentioned that EFSE plays the role of facilitator and incubator for new financial products. We advise you to check the studies and publications on the website of the fund. There you will find the reports, infographics and brochures in different languages about loans, business ethic and financial decisions in Southeast Europe.

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