Ragnar Siil to join the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme team

Ragnar has been selected as the Creative and Cultural Sectors Specialist

Ragnar is an international cultural policy and creative industries expert with more than 10 years of experience in government, non-profit sector as well as in business. He is a former Estonian Undersecretary for the Arts and currently is working as a Managing Partner of Creativity Lab – a cultural policy and creative economy think-tank and consultancy group.

«My aim is to help all the Eastern Partnership countries to strengthen their strategic capacity in order to improve competitiveness of their cultural and creative sectors and connect cultural actors closely with European networks. We need to raise awareness of all key stakeholders, so they could realise the unique role that culture and creativity can have for society at large», – Mr Siil said on his appointment. 

The current Programme team is Tim Williams, Head of Programme and Capacity Development Specialist, Ragnar Siil, Creative and Cultural Sectors Specialist, and Anastasiya Nurzhynska, Information and Communication Specialist.

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