Presents for creative people: the Guardian's guide on gifting smartly this Christmas

If you want to be creative, you can do this in any sphere. For example, use the creativity in preparing to Christmas holidays and giving unusual presents. We selected three advises from The Guardian's journalists and columnist how to give the best presents for entrepreneurs or become the part of charity movement.

Presents for creative and busy persons

In the link below you can find more than twenty ideas of Christmas and New Year gifts for the entrepreneur, whenever he or she is your boss or friend. All the presents ranged by the cost from £15 to £200. The list may seem UK-oriented, but still, there is a lot of useful stuff. For instance, the Self Journal that will help to organise the time and reach the goals faster. For entrepreneurs and activists which are into technologies, the article suggests to gift Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for watching films and playing in free time, or you can choose more expensive present, the Amazon Echo, the voice-controlled device that helps to organise schedules, answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports news and much more.

Find more about presents here.

Ethical gifts

In this article, you will read about the platform Lendwithcare that sell the vouchers allow to support people from poorer countries in starting the own small business. The person who received the voucher as a present can choose the initiatives from 11 countries to support. This is actually the loan for entrepreneurs that will be repaid or can be used to support other people.

There you can read about the results of such initiatives or examples of similar opportunities.

Christmas without presents

Actually, the main gift, in this case, is great feelings when we do something for others. The columnist June Eric Udorie wrote a touchable story about her experience of turning her Christmas presents into presents for children in the local orphanage close to her home. The journalist was 14 years old and this moment changed her life.

Here you can find inspiring story about doubts, fears but also gladness she felt on those Christmas.


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