Recommendation #diez: How to obtain a certificate of a free online course in less than two hours

At one time, #diez recommended seven courses provided for free under the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme for all the people interested in initiating a project in the creative industry. The courses can be accessed on the official website of the project, at the “Online Learning” section. Upon completion, participants obtain a certificate. We decided to complete one of the courses and explain step by step what exactly it represents.

Each course answers to the questions that might occur when implementing your project idea, so it is very useful for you to complete all the courses. All courses (here is the complete list, accompanied by relevant descriptions) are available in several languages, including Romanian. At each course you will be guided by a speaker who uses various methods to provide useful information: video lessons, course notes, computer graphics. Each lesson ends in an effective summary of the most important information. In addition, the authors always recommend a number of useful resources that you can refer to, if you need additional information. The learning process as a whole is active and well-structured. Although a particular time is set to complete each course, every student may return as many times as he/she wants to a particular stage and may listen and read the information once again, to assimilate it better.

Now we will focus on the Strategic Planning Course, which we completed successfully and for which we obtained a certificate.

About the Strategic Planning Course:

David Parrish, specialist in cultural and creative industries, will explain how to keep the balance between creation and business. By analysing real situations and examples, you will learn how to analyse the market, which are the advantages and weaknesses of your organisation. In addition, you will learn how to find out your own niche.


#1. Strategic Planning Course

#2. Internal Analysis

#3. External Analysis

#4. Competitive Advantage

#5. Strategic Marketing

Completing the course step by step:

# It is free of charge and you don’t need to register in advance to complete it.

# All those five lessons of the course are accompanied by a video clip, in which David Parish, specialist in cultural and creative industries, speaks on a particular topic.

# The duration of the video clips is from four to eight minutes, depending on each topic. You will need roughly 30 minutes to watch those five video clips.

# You don’t have to take notes because you will find the information presented by David in text format, right below the video clip.

# Each lesson has a short summary at the end, which points out the key aspects taught.

# You will need 30 minutes more to read once again the written information for each lesson separately.

# At the end of the lesson you will find a list of useful links. By accessing them you can open books, reports that will bring you even more information about strategic planning.

# At the end you will find a check list containing the advice obtained during the course, but also particular recommendations for concrete action.

# Besides the information obtained previously, the author of the course provides a summary on the topic in 20 key statements about strategic planning, which will help you remember better the key details.

# You will need 20 minutes more to study the information suggested after the lessons.

# To obtain the certificate you will need to pass a test consisting of 11 questions and answer to at least 9 of them. I answered correctly to 10 questions. You will need 5-10 minutes to go through the test. At the beginning you will have to register your first name, last name and e-mail address. You can return to the course materials and try to pass the test again.

# The certificate is issued online, in English and it looks like this:As a conclusion, you will need roughly one hour and a half to complete this course, read once again the information received and pass the test. At the end, you will learn many new things and moreover you will be inspired to organise better the activity of your organisation. In addition, you will receive an authentic certificate proving that you have basic knowledge in the selected area. Beside this, you are invited to refer to additional information suggested by the author.

The article was drawn up in cooperation with the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme 2015-2018 –

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