More and more startup accelerators are popping up everyday. But unlike other organisations of its kind, Creative Startups is interested in the success of creative entrepreneurs

Created in 2008 in Albuquerque, the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship began by bringing support to artists and creative people getting their business going around the world. Over time, creative people began collaborating, developing, marketing and distributing their works with the help of digital technologies. These shifts that took place in the sphere of the creative economy reflected on the work of the centre. In 2015, it relaunched as the Creative Startups accelerator. Today it supports creative entrepreneurs by offering them training, mentoring and grant programmes.


The organisation states its mission as the acceleration of the success of creative entrepreneurs and creative economies. At Creative Startups, they believe in the power of creative entrepreneurs to create dynamic and prosperous communities. In order to encourage this, the organisation:

  • launches successful startups;

  • builds regional economic development strategies for the success of newcomers in the creative economy;

  • promotes dynamic partnerships to build capacity and resources for creative entrepreneurs. 

Master of the Entrepreneurial Process

Creative Startups was created by creatives for creatives. Through the Virtual Accelerator (an interactive online course in partnership with Stanford University) and the five-day Deep Dive in Albuquerque, participants are able to master their business model and strategic priorities, develop and practice their story to inspire partners, investors and potential team members, as well as learn all the ins and outs of building a successful startup.

Compete for Investment

Participants also have the opportunity to compete for a portion of the organisations investment pool of $50,000 and obtain continued mentorship, business products and services.

Take part

The application process is competitive. The start of the 2016 application process will be announced at:



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