Overcoming Barriers: the Case of the Czech Republic

A new study examines the obstacles that a country comes across on the way to international projects. The results of this paper will be useful for authorities and cultural activists that are interested in cultural collaboration and finding financial support.

The authors’ aim was to discover the causes of the obstacles and how to reduce them. According to surveys, the greatest barriers that organizations face are administrative burden, the structure of the programmes and access to information.

The list of problems is much longer; it touches on issues of language and additional financing. But are these problems solved? The paper provides different suggestions on how to improve the situation through the implementation of a two-round system for applications, establishing a centralised information platform, exchanging experience and much more. For sure, these recommendations will be useful beyond the Czech Republic.

More information http://www.idu.cz/media/document/podpora-kultury_english-summary_fin.pdf

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