This report presents the results of the Study which was carried out to help the EaP countries to better understand the situation, including challenges and problems, of the audio-visual sector in the region

This regional study on the Situation of Cinema and the Audiovisual Industries in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Region is part of the project ‘Short term high quality studies to support activities under the Eastern Partnership – HiQSTEP, EuropeAid/132574/C/SER/Multi’, carried out by an international consortium under the leadership of Kantor Management Consultants to support the activities of Platform 4 'Contacts between people'.

The overall objective of this Study was to help the EaP countries to better understand the situation, including possible problems, of the audio-visual sector in the region. More specifically, the study was supposed to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of the situation in the region and individual countries as well as a detailed description the audiovisual industries in the EAP countries.

The Study has confirmed that the countries are quite different in terms of their domestic data collection systems, the quality of what is collected and the degree to which the data is made available. While not unexpected, and not confined to the audiovisual sector, the Study has highlighted a major need shared by all the countries in the region - the problem of lack of availability of reliable, consistent and systematised information and statistical data which can be used for analytical purposes and to develop evidence-based cultural policy.

This issue, lack of a solid, available and useable factual and statistical ‘toolbox’ which can be used for practical policy and management purposes, has been discussed during the course of the Study with several current and past ministers and deputy ministers in the region, all of whom have formally or informally confirmed that it is a serious problem. 

Read the report here.

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