How Australian teachers use drama to develop creativity in classrooms

The Sydney Theatre Company in partnership with the University of Sydney launched the program for primary teachers who want to use the drama method in their work. This initiative shows great results.

The authors of the article, that was published in ‘The Guardian’, are surprised about the small amount of the creative classes in the school programs. When creativity and social skills are the most valuable and useful in building the career, the schools are still focusing basically on technical studies. The authors asking, “why are we taking all the fun out of learning”, while collaboration and imagination are in trend?

They sure, that drama is an effective way to develop such skills. The children who take part in drama plays, learn how to solve problems and make decisions in real life, they also learn the experience of other people acting like someone else. Such exercises help to develop the high level of empathy among kids. Moreover, they understand the opportunities that non-verbal communication can bring in everyday life.

To conclude, the drama helps students to look at the world from the positions of inclusion and diversity.

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