Victoria Tcacenco: "Culture is an essential to feel the taste of life"

We'd like to introduce the Country Coordinator of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme in Moldova.

Victoria Tcacenco is a musicologist, Ph.D. in Art Studies, specialized in Moldovan jazz, rock, pop-music history, Acting Professor at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts. She also works as a head of European Integration and Academic Mobility department at the same institution. As an independent arts manager, founder of Music Unlimited NGO, she promoted Jazz Weekend and NewImproMusicFest festivals, educational music projects, CD releases for local jazz performers. During the last decade Victoria participated in different EU programmes, aimed to strengthen capacities of Moldovan cultural sector as a local trainer, incl. series of projects initiated by the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam, and the Soros Foundation Moldova, 2007-2013, and by Eastern Partnership Culture Programme, 2011-2015.

About Programme activities that are planned in Moldova for 2016 year

One of the innovative practices for Moldova, offered by the Culture&Creativity Programme, is the Associates Network. 40 selected cultural leaders from Moldova will be consolidated, trained: their experience and expertise will be used to analyze the actual situation in Moldovan cultural field and to offer solutions which will be taken in account. Another important event is related to EU Creative Europe Programme. A workshop and a masterclass for Moldovan cultural actors will improve their skills in project design; will give them both theoretical concepts and practical tools. I hope that these workshops will contribute positively to a successful project proposals writing, applying and implementation in Moldova. Seminar for senior newspaper, media and website editors will be held, involving the best European and local practitioners. A Poland Study Tour will give a perfect opportunity to plan future collaboration with a Polish partner, to see the best Polish practices in a cultural field, to visit Wrocław – the European City of Culture 2016. The National Partnership Fairs and Cultural Fora will be organized by the end of 2016 aimed to connect Moldovan cultural organizations with European partners.

About the role of culture in society

Culture is an essential to feel the taste of life. That’s a real nightmare for me a to live in a city without a theatre, without a concert hall, without old buildings or art galleries. Culture gives us a unique sense of awareness to a huge, powerful and deep layers of human being, from ancient rites to modern IT technologies. Culture gives us a chance to create a better climate for a better life, influencing positively upon our political, social, humanitarian problems. When Moldovan artists sing the song for Eurovision Contest, the music fans from the both banks of the Nistru river cheer for them equally, sharing their feelings and understanding that we are the same nation.

5 main cultural events in Moldova by Victoria Tcacenco

  • On the 18th of March 2015 the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Commission on the Participation of Moldova in Creative Europe Programme was signed in Bruxelles by Monica Babuc, the Minister of Culture, and T. Navracsics, Commissioner on Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

  • 12 alternative art-spaces (6 in Chisinau and 6 in the regions) have been opened for young visual artists as the impact of KunstTräumen project realized by Goethe-Institut Bucharest in collaboration with German Cultural Centre Accente and Centre for Contemporary Art Chisinau KSA:K.

  • An important part of Moldovan cultural heritage, the medieval fortress of Soroca, dated by 15th century, has been reconstructed within the “Hotin Medieval Jewelry-Soroca-Suceava” Project framework, in collaboration with Ukrainian and Romanian partners, financed by the EU.

  • A new CD "10 years under the rocks" of Moldovan accordion ensemble Concertino, one of the most successful music projects in Moldova of the last decade, has been released in Switzerland.

  • The short film "Milica" directed by Valeriu Jereghi, a co-production of France and Poland, with the participation of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, has been presented to Moldovan audience. This social drama reflects today’s Moldovan social realities, esp. problems of children abandoned by their parents. 

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