Concepts of national cultural policies of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

The “Culture coding EaP” project was realized in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine since July till November 2015. It has resulted in the developed cross-sectorial concepts of national cultural policies of the three countries. The concepts are built on existing national and EaP regional needs, opportunities and challenges.Concrete steps for the implementation of the concepts are suggested.

The developed concepts on national cultural policies are not aimed at reforming the sector of culture and cultural institutions, but rather on the interests and needs of each resident of the three countries, regardless of age and occupation.

Detailed development of national cultural policies of these countries, as well as launching a similar process in Armenia Azerbaijan and Georgia, is needed.


  • Centre for Cultural Policies – Moldova
  • Centre for Social Innovations (CSI) – Belarus
  • Charity and Support Fund “Flying University” – Belarus-Lithuania
  • European Cultural Foundation (ECF) – The Netherlands


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