Why the Arts Matter: an In-Depth Report about How Culture Makes a Difference

Why is it necessary to define cultural value? The authors of a new report believe that it will show the impact that culture and art have on our everyday lives.

The project consists of 70 original pieces of individual reflections and case studies, which explore evidence on how arts make a difference in society. You can download the whole text, but we would like to outline some of the study’s findings.

Art against crime

For the report’s case study of the arts in the criminal justice system, the difficult issue was how to measure the impact of such activities? Yet it shows positive influences helping individuals to review their identities and focus on other options in life.

Openness and empathy

The examples show that cultural activities show immediate results. Such projects push the changings and create space for experiments and risk-taking. The psychological effects of engagement can increase empathy among participants and help in recovering from mental health problems.

Digital engagement

One of the topics of the study is the change that results from digital participation. Such activities as downloading and streaming make it easier for people to actively take part in creative communities.

This report shows the real examples where the cultural value appears. Moreover, it becomes the starting point for establishing an Observatory for Cultural Value, which will focus on overviews and surveys in this area.

Learn more http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/documents/publications/cultural-value-project-final-report/

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