Why Culture Matters: Opinions about Opportunities that Culture Offers Society

How to measure the impact of culture and why we should or should not do this? You will find the answers to these questions in the video combining different opinions from key cultural activists from Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

On the one hand, we can understand the influence of culture on economic expectations. The specialists are sure that creative projects boost tourism and have economic impact on added value.

On the other hand, Anja Zorko, head of marketing at the Museum of Architecture (Slovenia), thinks that we should not reduce culture or its value to the level of effects on an economy. It has a huge social impact too. Luka Piskoric, co-founder of the Poligon creative centre, says that they are interested in social implications. The creative hub would like to work with young people who don’t want to produce trashy objects but are willing to make something meaningful that will contribute to the challenges that we face with politics, the environment and production.

To conclude, specialists point out that culture unites people and makes change possible.

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