Why donors stop supporting initiatives and how to avoid this

Maybe you will be surprised, but the survey shows that the main reasons why donors consider not carrying on with their contributions are 1. They weren’t thanked for a previous gift; 2. Organizations didn’t ask them to donate again; 3. Lack of communication and information about the results.

These three fails are markers for donors that the organization can’t deal with ‘customer relationship management’. In other words, if you break communication with donors, it is a sign for them of a probably unsuccessful initiative. Moreover, it is evident that people are ready to give money for meaningful projects and if the organization can’t show their results, where is the proof that the money was used properly?

Here are some pieces of advice on how not to fail in communication with donors and receive the support next year. Firstly, personalize your communication with donors. Messaging is not enough: try to add a personal touch. Secondly, work not only on the content of your project but also on connectivity. Well thought-out customer and community management will build a positive reputation among donors.

The good news is that all of these changes are achievable and will lead your organization to new strong relations with donors.

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