Advent and Christmas starts, old clocks and kaleidoscopes, Bruegel's masterpieces and other exhibitions that are a definite must see early 2019.

Stars – not only at Christmas Time

Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Berlin

To 03.02.2019

Stars are used in a whole range of fields, for example in artisanal production, in politics and in religion. Illuminated stars of the Advent and Christmas period are the focus of this exhibition. Among more than 80 exhibits, there are stars made of glass, wood, fabric, and of course, paper. The also offers diverse formats to learn more about stars, including guided tours and workshops.

Playful Christmas 2018

Bethlehem Chapel, Praha

24.11.2018 — 02.01.2019

This year, the popular Christmas exhibition in the Bethlehem Chapel will focus on Christmas time as a time of great generosity. Toys of all kinds, wooden and mechanical toys, old clocks and kaleidoscopes, are the main theme of the exhibition. What is more, here you will be able to learn how to make toys yourself and to visit the glass workshop. 

Dream on!

V&A Museum of Childhood, London

To 20.01.2019

This exhibition plays with our relationship between consciousness and the imaginary worlds through the art. One of the exhibition authors, Christie Brown, has created an installation based on her own childhood dreams. The visitors are welcomed see the dolls that "come alive". Other highlights of the exhibition are surreal sculptures created by children from the St. George Hospital, and staged and photographed scenes by kids from Lauriston Primary School. There is no entrance fee.

Bruegel: Once in a Lifetime

Kunst Historisches Museum, Vienna

To 13.01.2019

The world's first ever major monograph exhibition featuring Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his magnificent work. About half of all the extant works by the artist are on show. About forty paintings, sixty drawings and eighty prints can be attributed to him today. This ’summit’ of masterpieces in one place is a small miracle. Many of these international loans are so old and fragile that they hardly ever travel, and many of the works on show have never before left their hometowns. Daily you can join guided tours provided in German and on Tuesday in English. Audio guides are available in 10 languages, including Russian.

Icy & Sot – A Moment of Clarity

Moco Museum, Amsterdam

To 15.01.2109

Two young Iranians. Icy & Sot, are called the ‘Banksy of Iran’. In their own country, their work is not only considered controversial, it is even banned. Notwithstanding, their work literally holds a mirror to the current Iranian society. With their work the brothers offer an idiosyncratic view on themes like oppression, fame, freedom, war and dreams. 

Architecture Effects

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

To 28.04.2019

21 years ago Bilbao got its own Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry. Social and cultural transformations taking place triggered by the appearance of this one complex was called "Bilbao effect". The Exhibition "Architecture Effects" tells a story about modern art and architecture that change human lives and influence our identity, perceptions and traditions.


Centre Pompidou, Paris

To 25.02.2019 


This is the first exhibition devoted to Cubism in France since 1953. The display covers over 300 works and documents that illustrate the influence of cubism, and it is chronologically divided into 14-period sections. The exhibition sheds light on the key concepts and methods of cubism, revealing its experimental and revolutionary aesthetics.

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