We are offering you a list of resources from Adam Mickiewicz Institute, covering articles, multimedia guides, podcasts and other forms of knowledge about Polish culture.

Culture.pl is the digital brand of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – a national cultural institution promoting Poland and Polish culture worldwide. Featuring over 40,000 articles in Polish, English and Russian, Culture.pl features the best of Polish literature, design, visual arts, music, film and more, with over 6 million visitors a year across 80 countries.

In addition to its normal output of articles, videos and artist biographies, Culture.pl can be followed on Facebook (in Russian too), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. The team has also created several special projects that go above and beyond typical online content:

Multimedia Guides

  • A Foreigner's Guide to the Polish Alphabet – An introduction to the Polish alphabet with listen-along examples and interactive graphics.

  • A Foreigner's Guide to Polish Cinema – Through archival clips and interviews, find out about the innovators and auteurs of Polish cinema from the 19th century to the 2010s.

  • A Foreigner's Guide to Polish Electronic Music – Tracing the path of electronic sounds from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio in the 1950s to techno clubs around the world today.

  • A Foreigner's Guide to Polish Photography – How the world-class photography found in Poland has transformed over the years and documented incredible history.

  • Poles Far & Wide – A celebration of a selection of Poles who changed world history around the globe from Australia to Antarctica.

  • Where Is Poland? – To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence in 1918, Culture.pl created a huge sprawling multimedia guide to the 123-year period during which the country had been wiped off the map by Austria, Prussia and Russia.


  • Stories From The Eastern West – Now with two seasons under its belt, SFTEW is a podcast revealing little-known histories from Central and Eastern Europe that changed our world.

  • Unseen Soundwalks – A guided audio tour exploring places from Poland's past that no longer exist anymore, best experienced using the Echoes geolocative app. The first season is about the area Warsaw's Palace of Culture now occupies.

Other interesting stories: