We have selected several free and proven applications for those willing to learn or improve their knowledge of a foreign language


With 100 million users, the free platform Duolingo has actually grown into the most popular way of learning foreign languages on the web. According to a recent independent study by City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of South Carolina, 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a full university semester of language education.

Download Duolingo for IOS and for Android.

LearnEnglish Grammar

Improve your grammar skills with thousand of questions contained in this interactive guide from the British Council. The app offers questions of various levels of complexity for both beginners and advanced learners. The app exists in two editions: British and American. Besides, check the special web site where you can find podcasts, audioplays, quizzes, games, and apps to help you improve your pronunciation, grammar skills and to expand your vocabulary.

Download LearnEnglish Grammar for IOS and for Android.

LinguŠ° Leo

Learners of any language level will find useful exercises and materials in this popular app: over 200 TED lectures with interactive subtitles, 7 training sessions in game form to expand your vocabulary, 23 English grammar courses, over 100,000 texts, articles and book excerpts, over 50 word sets with pictures, transcription and voicework.

Download LinguŠ° Leo for IOS and for Android.

Hello Talk

This language app offers you native speakers as your teachers. Hello Talk provides an opportunity not only to talk to people from around the world, but also to send text messages to them. In this way, the learning process becomes more intuitive and the mastering of a language goes much easier.

Download Hello Talk for IOS and for Android.


The app is based on spaced repetition of words — a scientifically based method that enables the learning of up to 44 words per hour. Various game modes train different aspects of the memory: visual learning, repetition and fastening, fast recollection, etc.

Download Memrise for IOS and for Android.

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