Three Steps to Development of Cooperation between IT and culture in Belarus

A policy brief for Culture & Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.

The IT sector is the fastest growing industry in Belarus. To date, the country has 1,052 IT companies or companies that actively use IT in their field. However, despite significant advances in the IT field, in general there are a number of problems that the Belarusian IT infrastructure faces.

1. Low level of own development.

2. Low level of startup culture.

3. Constant shortage of specialists.

Experts, for example, Viktor Denisevich, investment company Zubr Сapital, note that these problems are of an infrastructural nature and are associated with a low level of soft skills, creativity and IT education infrastructure, and not in the absence of financing, legal or economic spheres. Ways of solution The establishment and development of interaction between the IT sphere and the cultural sphere are primarily aimed at creating conditions for such interaction, initiating infrastructural changes, creating a common platform for such a dialogue. This will make such interaction not sporadic, but aimed at long-term work and the creation of joint projects.

Step 1. Changes at the legislative level

• Improving taxation can be the first step towards bridging the cultural sphere and IT.

Step 2. Open dialogue program

• Important is the idea of an open dialogue between the two spheres, which includes a series of educational, entertaining, discussion meetings. Such as:

• Excursions;

• Joint meetings;

• Joint activities;

• Lectures in IT companies on contemporary art, contemporary music or urban space;

• Popularize the intersection of culture and IT (for example, DJing, digital photography, e-books, etc.) as a hobby.

Step 3. IT Creative Hub

• To create long-term projects that include interaction and mutual enrichment of the two spheres.

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