Eligibility of Eastern Partnership Countries
Eligibility of Eastern Partnership Countries
Third countries may participate in the programme subject to the conclusion of agreements. Up to date information on such participation can be found here: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/creative-europe/library/eligibility-organisations-non-eu-countries_en

Organisations from the following Eastern Partnership countries can apply to Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme - Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine. Full participation in the MEDIA sub-programme depends on the alignment of third countries audiovisual legislation with that of EU countries. Failing this alignment they may participate in the following schemes of the MEDIA sub-programme: TrainingFestivalsAudience Development and Access to Markets.

Only organisations with legal status for two years can apply.

Azerbaijan, Belarus

For the Culture sub-programme partner organisations from other Eastern partnership countries can get involved with any Consortium that has the minimum amount of eligible partners. A maximum of 30% of the overall project budget can be allocated to the involvement of organisations from Eastern Partnership countries. 


Creative Europe supports cross-border exchange and cooperation. In order to apply for funding opportunities such as European NetworksCooperation Projects and European Platforms as part of the Culture sub-programme, you will need to work with partners. The best partnerships develop over time and can be a meeting of shared or contrasting intent and creative practice.

How can you can meet peers and partners to collaborate with?

  • Attend networking events, festivals and conferences with an international or European theme.

  • Join a European network. Click here for a list of some of the networks out there.

  • European Cultural Networks currently funded by Creative Europe can be found here.

Up to date information on such participation can be found here.

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