About Creative Europe
About Creative Europe
Creative Europe is the European Union's programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. From 2014-2020, €1.46 billion is available to support European projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skill sharing and development.

In 2018 organisations from 42 countries were eligible to collaborate and compete for funding, but organisations from third countries also have the possibility to engage in both sub-programmes. 

Creative Europe consists of two sub-programmes:

  • a Culture sub-programme promoting the creative and cultural sectors,

  • a MEDIA sub-programme supporting the development and distribution of audiovisual works. 

At least 56% of this budget is allocated to the MEDIA sub-programme.

Around 31% of the budget will go towards the Culture sub-programme.

A further 13% allocated to a new cross-sectoral strand. This strand includes funding for the Creative Europe Desks and the financial guarantee facility, which is planned for 2016. 

There are currently around 18 Creative Europe funding opportunities (often called ‘schemes’ or ‘strands’), each focusing on a specific sector or type of activity. Find out more.

Creative Europe will only fund projects that meet its objectives, which are:

  • To strengthen the sector and build capacity

  • Develop audiences

  • Develop new business models

  • Digital Projects

Projects that meet those objectives should also contribute to Creative Europe’s priorities, which are to: 

  • Strengthen the sector’s capacity to operate transnationally

  • Promote the transnational circulation of works and operators and reach new audiences in Europe and beyond

  • Encourage innovation and creativity

  • Strengthen the sector’s financial capacity

  • Strengthen policy making


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