We would like to present you here a theme selection of the quotes of the famous culture adepts, philosophers, scientists, and writers.

1. Culture may become criteria of sanity, it could be a shelter from the pain caused by the war, or become a way to express inexpressible.

Martina Montagu

2. A painting cannot stop a bullet, but it can stop the shooting hand.

Sebastian Kerber

A political culture of any given society is the major cause of a conflict, hence, a key to its settlement as well.

Jochen Hippler

Culture is like the seeds of herbs and flowers that will sprout and cover dreadful ruins with their blossom. Culture returns hope to people, and gives a chance to their injured souls to escape their nightmares, resentment, and vengeance.

Damien Helly

5. Whereas the political conflicts create a separating hollow, culture creates a space for understanding and dialogue.

Mike Hardy

6. I do not want my house to be walled on all sides and my windows’ shutters to be shut and nailed: I want culture of all countries to flow into my house freely. And yet, I do not want to be knocked off my feet.

Mahatma Gandhi

7. When the supremacy of law is undermined, when there are no more social rights or freedom of speech, creative people are the first ones to rise against injustice, and to protect human rights and liberties.

Mary Ann de Vlieg

8. Logic will lead you from point A to point B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

9. The neglect of culture and lack of economic prospects make young people susceptible to ethnic and nationalist propaganda, and easily turn them into a war recruits.

Martina Fischer

10. Fine arts, literature, music, cinema, and theatre very often mirror the politics of a society.

Martina Fisher

11. History proves over and over again that culture is ideally suitable for political propaganda, especially under totalitarian rule.

Slavenka Drakulić

12. Art and culture cannot resist the war. Nobody will write a book or do a research with bullet whistle at the ear. But, they give one strength to bear unbearable, not just to accept it, but to think it over and overcome it.

Andrea Grille

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