5 Rules To Inspire People With Your Idea

Viktoria Danelyan, the founder of Kyiv Museum of Dreams, art project curator, member of Cultural Manager Association, will share with us the ways to find like-minded people to implement your ideas.

Consider the existent opportunities and offer people what they like. Sometimes people happen to feel quite enthusiastic about your idea but they at the same time might have no possible way of being part of it for the simple fact that at that time they have to be at work and earn their living. You can expect to get approval from this category of people, but there's no way you will inspire them to act. Or on the contrary, a person can see no special value in your idea but will be eager to do something for your initiative, something that he/she loves and knows how to do.

Find a place where you can be heard and get people inspired to come forward. Well, if you go to, let's say, a grocery store and start shouting about your idea – your chances to succeed will be less than low. That's way you have to understand first, who will see your project as an important undertaking. With that in mind you also have to divide your target audience into those for whom the project is created and those who will be creating it.

Learn to clearly articulate what you want. Within a framework of a large-scale project people can get busy with something specific. And it's wonderful, but it should be always in line with the set and approved idea and within the clearly outlined context.

Be aware of the fact that you and your idea might be understood but not to the fullest. Something in your idea can get people exited and they will want to work with you. And this will already be of great support. That's it, that's quite enough. It's not necessary for them to want things the way you want them. It's not necessary for them to be able to do things the way you do. It's not necessary for them to see things the way you see them. On the contrary, such unions can generate brand new meanings and something quite extraordinary.

Talk about your ideas among your people. Because the rule of thumb is while you are not a celebrity and have no success, nobody will want to have anything in common with you. And it is those who surround you – your family and friends, – who knows you the best. And these very people are capable of believing in you. This can even be a single person – your dad or mom, your spouse, friend, well, anybody, who is ready to support you right now. Do not despair if the world doesn't acknowledge you. Just accept that support that is offered to you, and use it to make the first move and do not drop back.

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