Former Minister of Culture and President of the Union of Composers of Moldova Ghenadie Ciobanu shares his experience on the example of his musical initiatives

The first condition is about the project’s goal and need. You have to understand why you are a part of these projects.You must have a realist goal and know why you organize a particular event. Our goal was to join the international art processes, because we were isolated. It was in 1990 when we decided to make the first step towards internationalization.

Besides the project’s goal, there is another condition – to set up an effective team. 

Another condition is motivation, however, you have to understand that you live in Chisinau, where we have some opportunities and not in Paris, where the situation is totally different. The people that we work with are motivated only by their professional interest. Moreover, you have to know how to persuade them, how to expand their horizons and reference points. You motivate them with the perspective of having more prospects, and benefits from international relations and their international presence. 

Authorities must be necessarily involved: they can at least be neutral, but they are required to come up with a budget. And this is an important condition for us, because we often engage in some activities without having funds. And because of insufficient budgets, we work many times on pure enthusiasm. All our budgets have been limited so far, but this is an important precondition that ensures more possibilities.

The last condition is to communicate with the sponsors and future partners. You have to speak with everyone who is involved, to make them become your partners and have the same goal.

A few words about the key projects

One of them is the “New Music Days” International Festival, which reached its 25th edition. During this festival about 12-18 concerts are organized annually, with the participation of great masters from different countries. Initially, it was the only project that allowed us internationalizing out arts and music.

We also organized an important artistic cycle, entitled „Continuum Musicalis” which was held at the Museum of History. Several exhibitions of fine artists from different countries have been put on. In addition, each country presented, under this project, its creations such as music of United States of America, Poland, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, France or Italy. Everything was done in cooperation with the embassies in the Republic of Moldova and various other institutions. The atmosphere created at the Museum of History also contributed to it. A special atmosphere was created, so that the museum, practically, turned into a new concert house; the same was in the case of the plastic artists’ exhibitions. 

Another project is entitled Symphonic Evenings organized at Philharmonics, which is a personal initiative too, and which was also launched in cooperation with a number of international organizations, embassies and in-field institutions from Moldova.

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