Amina Melikova: «We are experiencing a flourishing of Azerbaijani culture»

The director of the Department of Innovation and International Relations of the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, Amina Melikova, talked about transformation of Azerbaijan into an international cultural center.

The First European Games Baku 2015 is a significant event for Azerbaijan and Europe

Today, Azerbaijan has turned into an international hub for various cultural events, such as festivals and exhibitions. I would note that we are experiencing a flourishing of our culture now, and opening of many museums and galleries in recent years is another proof of this fact. Among significant cultural events in our country I would like to note First European Games held this summer in Baku, which in fact are intended to juxtapose European nations not only in sport but also in culture.

Sport and Art as a link between Azerbaijani and European cultures

Particularly I would like to tell about dedicated to the Games "Sport and Art" exhibition which has had great success in our museum. The guests of our capital including athletes, their families, tourists and high-ranked guests enjoyed the exhibition and willingly shared their impressions, and even astonishment, as many European people didn't not even imagine how rich and diversified somewhat western and somewhat oriental our culture can be. I am confident that exhibits of local artists developing the theme of sports history in Azerbaijan not only became a platform for cultural exchange and enrichment, but also inspired them to continue their researches through visiting unique and fascinating Carpet Museum, Baku old city - Icheri Sheher, which in fact is an open-air museum, and other sightseeing attractions. Another success, I would like to share is an opening of "Azerbaijani art through the millennia" permanent exhibition last year in our museum. This is one of the pearls of our museum. I think it would not be a mistake to suppose that Azerbaijan is the region leader on frequency and quality of cultural events held in the country.

In tune with the times

Nowadays, when demand for cultural industries is subject to certain fluctuations it becomes very important to involve more people into culture. As a museum we do our best to be in tune with the times and improve the ways of wide promotion of cultural values by means of modern technologies. And what is of most importance, we strive for transparency and interactivity. For instance, we attract more visitors by means of latest technologies and communication platforms and then they return with their families, friends expanding our audience.

New horizons, new opportunities 

EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme is a good platform for meeting of representatives from various cultural and creative industries and discussion any hot problems in this sphere. Moreover, it serves as a platform for generating new ideas within the scope of current and future projects. Such events open new horizons and new opportunities for us. Representing the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, I am very pleased that the event was held within our walls as it gives a new impetus for creating new strategies. 

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