New five-weeks course at Coursera offered by theUniversity of Pennsylvania and National Arts Strategies

Arts and culture leaders have a rewarding but tough task: creating sustainable organizations that can deliver real value to society. There is a lot of competition out there – and being an effective leader means that you have to constantly adapt and use the best tools at your disposal cleverly so as to reach as many people as possible. This course is designed to help leaders at any level to do just that.

During the course, we will combine an overview of the field and management theory with specific skills and exercises that will help you develop as a leader. We will talk about the value of the arts, about the unique challenges of running mission-driven organizations and how to assess and adapt to the environment in which you find yourself working. 

The course curriculum is rigorous and the result of an exciting partnership between the University of Pennsylvania and NAS. Instructors Russell Willis Taylor and Peter Frumkin Ph.D. lead you on this fun and informative journey.

This course is intended to help you to:

  • Define value and mission

  • Understand your environment and how best to compete and collaborate

  • Understand the role of the leader

  • Cultivate your personal view of the role that arts and culture play in society, the value they create and how to effectively communicate to those both within the field and beyond it.

This course is available on demand, which means you can start learning when and where it is most appropriate for you. Suggested deadlines and a timeline are provided, but this course is designed for you to take at your own pace. Community Mentors will help to engage you and your colleagues in the course materials. 

5 weeks of study

4-6 hours of work/week

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