Creative Industries and Cultural Policy: Strategy Building

A new study published by Nesta claims that making the distinction between cultural and creative industries will make government cultural policy more transparent. This paper will be useful for all those interested in state cultural strategies.

The authors of the paper believe that if the UK government publishes statistics and classifies the terminology of cultural industries, it will make progress in this sphere. Furthermore, this activity will clarify many important questions, such as what counts as cultural participation, who the target of the cultural policy is, and who develops it, among other things.

The authors are sure that conflation between creative industries and cultural policy has harmed UK’s interests. In other terms, there was insufficient attention on drivers of creative industries and cultural heritage.

The Nesta study shows that UK did not have a strict cultural policy for over two decades but only separate initiatives. So, now they believe that clarifying the terms and the adoption of a Culture White Paper, which will provide statistics on cultural exports and employment, will be the significant step in building a state cultural strategy.

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