Eastern Partnership: Key Priorities

Find out about EU’s Eastern Partnership strategy in the European Commission’s official paper that defines key priorities for 2017. Below, we present an overview of the proposed actions to achieve stabilisation and resilience in the region.

The most important thing for cultural managers is to focus on engaging with civil society because it contributes to social innovation and economic growth. According to the paper, gender equality “will be at the heart of actions undertaken under the EaP”. The actions include fighting stereotypes and reducing pay gaps between men and women.

Four Strategic Steps

The first step is to create market opportunities and support economic development.

Another important step is to strengthen institutions and good governance. The main activities in this area are reforms aiming to improve the business environment, fight corruption and support security cooperation.

Energy efficiency is also a necessary step for the development of sustainable and low-carbon economies.

Mobility and people-to-people contact are also a key priority. It promotes entrepreneurship, innovation collaboration and youth employability.

Explore key priorities and deliverables of the Eastern Partnership here: https://eeas.europa.eu/sites/eeas/files/swd_2016_467_f1_joint_staff_working_paper_en_v3_p1_8733051.pdf   


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