Design for Ukraine 2017: From Design Thinking to Design Doing (September 14-15, 2017)

The EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme holds Design for Ukraine 2017, a two-day forum devoted to design and its impact on the development of creative industries in Ukraine.

Design is all around you, everything man-made has been designed, whether consciously or not. The question, therefore, isn’t so much ‘what is design and why does it matter?’ but ‘how can I use good design to make the world around me better?’ /Mat Hunter, Chief Design Officer, Design Council/

Design is one of the key factors in increasing the value of products and services, improving quality of life and supporting sustainable development. Design is a methodology, a way of thinking, covering all areas of our existence, from business, society and economics to developing ideas, projects, products, services, processes and events. Everything that is developed in our environment—including cities, houses, systems and objects—is created by designers.

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