Top amazing facts about Burning Man

Radical self-expression festival Burning Man differs from all the cultural events where you've been before. This is the annual festival of freedom and art, where thousands of participants, including from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, come to the Black Rock City Desert with their own goals and expectations. Burning Man is more than just a multicultural festival. Everyone can get a unique experience here and try any role, especially fulfil his or her own role. We have prepared the top facts about Burning Man, which will change your perception of the festival culture in general.

1. Burning Man is probably the only place on earth that has succeeded to separate from commerce and material wealth. On Playa money is nothing more than paper. Here you can’t buy food, water, clothes and other goods. But you can change something yours for an interesting thing. According to one of the founders of the festival, Larry Harvey, Burn is a family picnic, where the principle of "buy/sell" does not work. Brands cannot advertise themselves on the festival.

2. A gift-based society. Here people used to give more than receive. Nobody is interested in wealth, but everyone wants to share a piece of themselves with Burning Man. Here people believe that the more you give the more you get.

3. At the end, the festival leaves nothing behind. It's difficult to believe, but a huge city with dozens of camps and installations disappears from the earth after an eight-day craziness. You come to the desert, live your short life in it, and after - leave, leaving everything in its original form. Participants draw a parallel between the festival and the cycle of life.

4. The principle of collective art. It is proved that collective creativity reflects the individual creativity of each participant and acts as its multiplier in a collective project. Collective art supports the further unification of efforts and increases the level of enthusiasm. In this way Synergy is born – in collective inspiration. Participants of the festival build camps together, create installations and performances. So Playa turns into the largest art space for collective creativity.

5. Principles of Burning Man. Each participant in the festival should follow 10 rules of Burning Man: Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self-reliance, Radical self-expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving no trace, Participation, and Immediacy. According to the organizators, these principles determine a conscious society, so they ask all guests to familiarize  with them before festival. They fight with all who break the rules immediately, whether it is an ordinary guest or a major brand. So, in 2012, the luxury brand Kurg Champagne broke several principles at once: Kurg held a private VIP party for the publication of photos in a fashion magazine. Representatives of the brand received a lifetime ban for visiting Burning Man, the magazine paid an impressive fine, and Kurg Champagne had reputational and financial losses.

6. After the festival, many artworks get a second life. Many people think that absolutely all exhibits are burned at the end. However, only central objects such as Burning Man and Temple are burned. Other works travel to various exhibitions and museums. Some arts are rented out to festivals, raves, private parties and other cultural events. Many artworks find their customers directly on Burning Man. And this does not contradict the principles of the festival, because this is a "place that gives unique opportunities."

7. Burning Man transforms people. Esoteric, spiritual practices, the exchange of experience and the ubiquitous magic is here. People discover something new for themselves, learn their most hidden sides, open themselves to the world, as well as the world in themselves. The founderof the festival Larry Harvey claims that the event becomes a retreat for people. “This is something you have to do at once in your life – it is like to visit Mecca for Muslims. You have to go there at once and you don’t need to come back, but if you want, you can, ”writes Larry Dave Koren, , a New York-based regional contact of Burning Man.

8. Weather conditions. In the afternoon on Playa there is severe heat and sandstorms. At night, the temperature drops to 10 degrees, and sometimes to zero. Guests are faced with sandstorms and dust, which absorbs everything around. The beginners should start with a special ritual: to wallow in dirt and dust after exiting the bus. These conditions return humanity to its original form, where everyone learns to survive again. This is an excellent indicator of human weaknesses, vices, or, conversely, fortitude and endurance.

9. Self-expression in everything. Variegated costumes and vibrant images are an invariable attribute of Burning Man. Here everyone can give freedom to creativity and realize their fantasies in their own image. This is a great opportunity to transform into a favorite character or invent a new one. No limits you. Everything here is art: even you.

10. Burning Man is an opportunity to face your fears or prejudices. Where, if not in the desert, you can overcome yourself, reconsider your views on life and make important conclusions? Circumstances and people around accompany changes within everyone and change their worldview. Here you will learn to love, accept others, enjoy the little things and dream.

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