5 Studies and Initiatives on Cultural Diversity

Women continue suffer from discrimination in every part of the world, but society has achieved some progress towards gender equality. Our new selection is about it.

1. The Vida has conducted the research to find out how many female authors and reviewers found room on literary pages over the last year. The surprising results of this research you can find in the article by Alison Flood.

2. It seems that there are so many women in art education, workshops and residencies, but somehow they are not visible in the art world. ECF Labs organized an open community Ladies First for talented women from all over the world. With its help women artists can support one another and achieve great results within the artistic realm.

3. In the first interview since being appointed director of the world’s most popular contemporary art gallery, Frances Morris talks about its major new expansion, the morality of sponsorship, and her vision for the institution’s future.

4. Dr. Martha M. Lauzen from San Diego State University every year investigates how the role of women in cinema is changing - increasing or decreasing the amount of the major characters, female characters in general, women directors etc. In the course of the latest research, more than 2,500 characters in the top 100 films of  2015 in the USA were analysed. It is interesting that this time women comprise 22% of protagonists, which is 10% more than in 2014 and 6% more than in 2002. In the history of research it is the maximum value. Men were the protagonists in 52% of cases.

5. Southbank Centre (London) established the first in the history WOW Creative Industries Awards, thus awarding women for outstanding achievements in the field of creative industries. According to the organizers, the next ceremony will be held in March 2017, and tickets will be available for booking from October 2016.


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