Giorgi Razmadze: "Culture is connecting fabric of the society"

This short interview will introduce you the Country Coordinator of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme in Georgia.

Giorgi Razmadze started working as programmes coordinator in British Council from 2013. During this period he successfully organized local activities in the important EU project “Civil Society as an Advocate for Rights of People with Disabilities in Government Decision Making”. Project was aimed at strengthening capacity of disabled people organizations and media in interaction with governmental structures to ensure participation of disabled people in policy making for better understanding and protecting of their rights. Giorgi Razmadze holds PhD degree in physics.

About Programme activities that are planned in Georgia for 2016 year

The activities planned in 2016 include the following: We are organizing the study tour to Poland for the selected cultural organisations from Georgia. Workshops in project cycle management, cultural leadership, in cultural journalism and communications. We will be managing the cultural indicators research as well as working with a group of cultural operators selected as associates of the Programme.

About the role of culture in society

I believe that there is no sense talking about society outside cultural context. Sure enough we can still talk about standalone, “technicalities”, but society as living organism does not exist separately from culture (and vice versa). On the other hand, culture is often perceived in a very narrow sense and its role in forming society is only partially brought to awareness. Culture is connecting fabric of the society and limiting it only to traditionally understood art forms is very restrictive.

6 main cultural events in Georgia by Giorgi Razmadze

  • Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre
  • Kolga” Photography Festival
  • Tbilisi International Film Festival
  • Batumi International Art-House Film Festival
  • Artisterium”, international visual arts festival
  • And I really want to add Telavi International Music Festival
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