Incubating Innovation: The New Guide for Art Project Managers

In the ‘Art and Science for Innovation’ guide, you can find nine steps on how to hold your event, focused on combining arts and science. The publication is the result of analysing a three-year project, funded by the European Commission.

Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science’ was established to produce new forms of socio-economic innovation and creativity. The aim of the project was to embed art and technologies to especially encourage young adults to take part in studying science. Moreover, the other goal was to build a link between the arts, science and the business world.

The nine steps, from producing an idea to evaluation, are packed with practical tips and advice from participants of the project. Based on their experience, they suggest themes for initiatives that can work well: Cities of the Future, Life Science, and Makers & Hackers. Generally, authors advise people to choose community-based topics that reflect local challenges and problems. Also, when working with a target group of participants try to find people with different backgrounds, as it will add new perspectives and healthy competition to the project.

On the last pages of the guide, you can also find case studies about incubation activities in Art and Science.

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