How can the region get tourists interested, apart from the usual sights?

Those working in the Belarus tourism industry reached a conclusion that the most interesting sights of the province often remain unnoticed for locals, let alone foreign guests. That is why they started developing new tourist maps for the various districts. For example, a tour of living places of Yakub Kolas, a classical Belarusian writer, in Stolbtsovschina will be the first route put on such a map.

Another direction of development is archeological tours.

“In Belovezhskaya Puscha natural reserve, a project was launched to build the first open air archeological museum in the country. In the village of Kamyanyuki, on the territory of existing archology monuments a skansen will be built, recreating living spaces from the Stone Age,” says Vadim Lakiza, deputy director of History Institute in the Belarus National Academy of Sciences.

The new tourist programs will have additional services, such as animation and quests for those participants who would like to actively engage and not simply observe.

By the way, Prague experts have also started developing alternative tourist routes. For several years, the local authorities have been looking for ways to reduce the load on the famous Charles Bridge. This sight is a must-see when walking from the Old City to Prazsky hrad. It is the so-called Royal path. The new guidebooks take the tourists on a different walking route, which starts in Prazsky hrad and follows to the Old City, bypassing the Charles Bridge. 

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