The last decade was a period of the most effective reforms, and today we already can see their results.

Creation of a well-established and consistent legal basis is an important element in the development of the Azerbaijan culture. In 1998 president Heydar Aliyev approved ‘The Law on Culture’ that reflects the humanitarian principles of the Council of Europe and the priorities of democratic culture. In 2000 the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan took part in the project ‘Cultural Policy in Europe’. The course for creative modernization, defined by president Ilham Aliyev for Azerbaijan, is intended for all areas of state activities. In the last decade a great number of laws were approved (over 100 laws and decrees relating to culture management were signed by the president only from 2006 to 2008*) that define specific ways and prospects of development. Also important measures have been taken to improve the social protection of cultural professionals.

Ethnic and cultural diversity is a distinctive feature of Azerbaijani society that was formed during a long period of time, and it was taken into account in the culture development strategy.

New reforms are to be conducted in accordance with the concept of ‘three Ds’ – decentralization, deregulation and democratization.

The new ‘Law on Culture’ was introduced in 2012. Its main principles include humanism, democratic approach, equality, integration, quality, continuity, secularism, protection of talented persons, balanced approach and efficiency. Only two years later the Concept of the Culture of Azerbaijan was approved that includes solutions for protecting and promoting national traditions, increased allocation of resources for culture and its promotion through international organisations. With the aim of protecting and restoring cultural and historical monuments, a state programme for activities in this area for 2014-2020 has been developed and officially approved.



* ‘On Approving the State Programme for the Development of the Creative Capacities of Children/Youth People with Special Talents for 2006-2010’ (17.04.2006)

On the Reconstruction and Preservation of Historical and Architectural Monuments in Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan’ (18.08.2006)

On the State Programme on Education of Azerbaijani Students in Foreign Countries (19.10.2006)

On the Establishment of the Museum of Independence and Construction of Independence Monument in Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan’ (18.12.2006)

On the Establishment of the Modern Arts Museum’ (19.12.2006)

On Declaring 2007 the Year of the Youth (09.02.2007)

On the Development of Theatrical Art in Azerbaijan’ (19.02.2007)

On the Development of Cinema in Azerbaijan’ (23.02.2007)

On Improvements in Museum Affairs in Azerbaijan’ (06.03.2007)

On Monumental Sculptures, Memorial and Architectural Complexes in Azerbaijan’ (02.04.2007)

On Improving Library Activities in Azerbaijan’ (20.04.2007)

On Special Scholarship Fund for Supporting Creative Activities of Writers, Artists and Composers of Both Old and Young Generations’ (06.08.2007)

On Publishing Outstanding Works of World Literature in Azerbaijani’ (24.08.2007)

On Establishing the Azerbaijani Museum of Ethnography’ (11.07.2008)

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