Transforming old factory buildings and deserted barracks into creative spaces breathes new life into creative communities. In these spaces actors, artists, IT professionals, publishers and architects generate new ideas, organise creative activities and help each other. Check out the three big German creative hubs

Frappant is a grassroots collective managed on a democratic basis with all members having equal voting rights. Financed by members, they recently purchased a disused barracks, Viktoria-Kaserne, from the city council to create and preserve affordable space for artists, designers and for cultural activity. They have no interest in external investment and are keen to retain autonomy in the governance and operation of the hub. Their aspiration is to expand to 250 members and to be part of a network of cooperatives

Kreativ Gesellschaft provides a range of services to support the development of creative industries and to enhance visibility of the sector within government and the general public. They provide affordable space, business development, access to finance, networking and lobbying and are also leading the bottom-up development and transformation of a creative quarter in the city. They assisted Frappant with the purchase of Viktoria-Kaserne

Network Baden-Württemberg is a “meta-cluster” that supports and promotes national innovation and competitiveness. It seeks to strengthen sector-specific and interdisciplinary dialogue to assist the development of media and creative industries. The health and games were highlighted as providing a wealth of opportunities for creative industries and innovation. Currently, they bring together 17 project partners, 30 networks and 100 corporate collaborators.

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