Life Beyond Tourism: intercultural dialogue through travel

The Life Beyond Tourism Platform promotes the respectful use of heritages and travel as a concrete opportunity for intercultural dialogue. Here you can find various opportunities for companies, NGOs, academic institution and individual travellers.
  • You can increase the visibility of your organisation or institution. The representatives of different organisation can register on the website, upload travel routes and promote their initiatives and events. 

  • The LBT also provides training for students and professionals. The courses designed by Life Beyond Tourism “provides knowledge about tourism as a powerful opportunity and instrument for the concrete realisation of dialogue among cultures, territorial development and support to local cultural heritage”. To learn more about the courses visit the page of LBT International Institute.

  • Also, you can participate in events organised by the LBT. It is the opportunity to meet future partners and launch new projects. For instance, you can take part in the annual world symposium “Heritage for Planet Earth”, which will take place in March 2018. Check other events on the website or Facebook page.

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