How Museums Can Measure Their Social Media Success: New Research

Measurement of the impact of the social media campaign does not seem an easy task. But Elena Villaespesa has just published her research paper focused on an evaluation model for museums that want to know the levels of their social media success.

The researcher overviews original data from twenty cultural organisations to develop the framework of social media strategy. She also used a case study method analysing the Tate’s social media initiatives. The study explores the opportunities and challenges of social media for museums and presents the data on the practical application of evaluation framework. Villaespesa suggests the use of the “Balanced Scorecard” and concludes that this methodology of measurement helps to clarify vision and objectives and shows how a museum creates value from both an internal and external perspective.

The paper shows the importance of applying business theories to museum studies. The researcher is certain that this approach can create new tools for the cultural sector.

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