Mentorship as a Key for Women to the World of Leaders

University Women in the Arts is trying to solve the problem of lack of female leaders in arts with a new mentorship programme. The mentors will share their experience with ten female university students and help them to develop their leadership potential. The Guardian published interviews with three programme participants who are ready to help young talents.

The artistic director Elizabeth Freestone outlined the tendency when the equal number of male and female students at the start of the career changed into men outnumbering women two to one. She believes the reason is that women face more problems in the mid-career stage, including being constrained with pay and having to care about children.

The artistic director of the English National Ballet Tamara Rojo says that she has never been part of a performance created by a woman. She supposes that it is the consequence of the shortage of opportunities for women. That is why Tamara launched the programme “She Said” to help talented female choreographers create new works for the English National Ballet.

The director of the Fine Art Society Kate Bryan expects ambitious women in arts. In the situation of low income in the early stage in career, people start to value themselves less and forget about the priority of own career. Kate believes that women should create opportunities for other women, and this strategy will always pay back.

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