Pavlo Bilodid, Head of the Culture and Creativity Association, spoke about the main directions of the organization's activities.

The Culture and Creativity Association is the largest network of experts in Eastern Europe providing professional expertise to projects in the field of cultural industries. The organization was created from ​​the need to continue implementing the goals of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme (2015-2017), aiming to promote cultural contribution to the social and economic development of the six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

In this initiative, the Association received the support of the EU-Eastern Partnership Programme team and the British Council. And since 2020, it has undertaken sole responsibility for the further development of the Culture and Creativity website - the platform remains an authoritative source for the professional development of cultural managers.

In addition, the Association works in three focus areas within its own and partner projects.

  • First, it is design of educational products in the cultural and creative industries. We are able to develop educational products from idea to practical implementation design of educational products in the cultural and creative industries with subsequent mentoring. Our strength lies in our international network of experts, providing an effective blend of global and local expertise. We have experience in developing full-fledged multimodular and short-term programmes, as well as specialized master classes, expert discussions, round tables and other forms of educational products.
  • The second area of our expertise and activity is the creation of content projects. We believe that the implementation of projects in the field of cultural and creative industries should go together with high-quality communications. Our team has experts in creating effective communication strategies, writing quality texts and compelling stories. We know how to correctly tell about a project so that the desired target audience would know about it and would like to know even more.
  • And the third area is development and production of online courses. This direction is especially relevant today during quarantine security measures. Now the world is quickly moving into digital direction, and we are ready for it! On the website, you can find dozens of video lectures and 15 online courses that have already become a source of professional development for more than 10,000 cultural managers around the world.

Within these areas and in accordance with our mission, we are open to partnerships with cultural projects, regardless of their geography. Now, for example, we are actively working with colleagues from the University of Madrid TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes on a project for submission to the Erasmus + programme.

If you are interested in cooperation, we are waiting for your request at

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