Developing a Digital Tourism Platform for Armenia (DTPA)

A policy brief for Culture and Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.

Tourism in Armenia is a growth industry. The number of international tourism arrivals into Armenia reached 757.9 thousand people in 2011, up from 114.5 thousand people a decade earlier. The Government of Armenia’s 2008 strategy targetted 1.5 million international tourism arrivals by 2020, however, this target was surpassed in 2015.

The potential market size is over 11 million consumers (8 million Armenians living abroad and approximately 3 million foreigners).

A recent survey of national statistics shows that Armenians are very high cultural consumers. Different concerts, opera and ballet performances, festivals, and other cultural events attract locals and foreigners, especially in the regional tour format or from neighboring countries. It means, that there is also a potential for an intensification of domestic tourism.

Despite this, there is no online platform or website that provides comprehensive, updated and accurate information on both popular and yet undiscovered tourist destinations and there is no on-line ticket booking system for domestic and international tourists. This is especially a problem when looking for tourist destinations in the regions.

Policy brief (EN)

Policy brief (AM)


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