9 websites that will inspire you

Going through this small selection of links, you will not only activate your creativity, but also learn many new things.

1. 5 books on the “end of art”

Theory books published in different years that describe pivotal turns and changes in the understanding of art, its system and philosophy.

2. 85,000 documentary films from 1896 to 1976

One of the world's oldest media companies, British Pathé, has uploaded the complete collection of its documentaries and newsreels on YouTube – 85,000 videos that were filmed between 1896 and 1976.

3. 1,500 publications from the Metropolitan Museum

All the publications, including books and periodicals, that have accumulated in the collection of the Met over five decades are available for free reading, downloading and/or searches on the MetPublications website.

4. Books and magazines from the Bauhaus architecture school

On the Monoskop wiki site for history of art, books and magazines published by the Bauhaus architecture school in the 1920s and 1930s have been uploaded.

5. 12 museums that you can visit on the Internet

Now you can find yourself in one of the most famous museums in the world and take a virtual tour at your convenience.

6. 1,800 illustrations and posters from the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has made 1,800 examples of fin de siècle French printmaking (1890-1905) available online. They include posters, books and drawings from the museum’s collection.

7. Millions of artworks and other artefacts

Google Cultural Institute and partners have gathered in virtual museums millions of works of art and other historical artefacts from all around the world. View famous paintings and archive photos reproduced in the highest resolution, create your own galleries and share interesting works with your friends.

8. 3 new online courses on Highbrow

By registering on the Highbrow website of short, free online courses, you will learn something new every day and expand your horizons. In the latest courses you will find out how to validate an idea, build creative capacity, increase your personal productivity and much more.

9. 53 video collections on contemporary architecture

The full cycle of documentaries from the Architectures series dedicated to the “most remarkable achievements in modern architecture” is now available for free on YouTube. 

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