Don't miss these 5 new Research Reports on Culture and Creativity

The reports include comparative, qualitative and quantitative analyses of the economic role of the Сreative and Сultural sectors in Europe.
  1. KEA conducted for the European Commission a feasibility study which reviews traditional data collection tools and statistics from Eurostat and proposes key recommendations and scenarios for the EU which will better grasp the economic and social value of Cultural and Creative Sectors.

  2. The Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit of the EaP Culture Programme presents its Regional Research Report on Cultural Policies and Trends of the Eastern Partnership Countries. The research considers opinions of all national respondents from the six partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine). It is a sector-based context analysis of main challenges, current advantages, problems, actual or upcoming opportunities for cultural sector together with main priorities and other vectors of cultural policy. The analysis also includes an evaluation of main needs and components of national cultural policy and of the legislative framework in each country.

  3. A New report on the global flow of cultural goods in the digital age from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics takes an in-depth look at the export and import of cultural goods and services around the world, investigates which products are getting ground and which — losing it, and analyzes the reason why it is happening.

  4. The European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers, commissioned EY to conduct the study aimed at analysing the cultural and creative markets in the EU. This study with the title “Сreating Growth. Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU” summarizes and builds upon available information on the economic scale of the cultural and creative sectors at both national and European levels. 

  5. The Cultural Value Project is the three-year project, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It tries to answer the question of why the arts and culture matter, and how we can capture the effects that they have. This report presents the outcomes of the AHRC’s Cultural Value Project which looked at how we estimate the value of the arts and culture to individuals and to society.

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