Seven culture websites worth reading

Literature, films, music, and even science. We have prepared for you a small list of websites and online magazines that do not just mention these spheres, but qualitatively explain and criticize.

Creative Economy

This is British Council website,  which works in more than 30 countries a year and “provides the research, tools, space and connections that creative communities need to experiment, learn and flourish”

Whitehot Magazine 

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art LLC was founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. Here is a mix of news, reviews and interviews. 


Eurozine - is positioning itself as a network of European cultural magazines from almost all European countries. It is also an online magazine that publishes articles from partner magazines and is a rich source of information for an international audience.


Editorial staff says that their mission is to inform, engage, and connect their audience with daily art world news and expert commentary: “We also want to connect you to a global community: dialogue and engagement best describe our approach to reporting on the art world”.

Cosmos and culture

Here we can read how culture and science are combined. Cosmos and Culture is trying to show a connection between these spheres, because, according to the editors, the cultural context explain science importance and significance.

The Art Newspaper 

The Art Newspaper, an online and print publication covers the international art world. Here you can find art news, articles about market, museums and heritage and even podcasts.

The New Yorker

This is a magazine in online and paper versions that publishes reports, commentaries, criticism, essays, artworks, humor, comics and poetry. It has everything: a cultural poster for the week, urban gossip, reviews, articles on topical issues and even investigations.

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